Maximizing Nature's Bounty

Suria Helang Lui

Suria Helang Lui is a sole-proprietor agricultural business enterprise focusing on organically grown produce at our farm in Hulu Langat, Selangor.  Our small farm is 2.5 acres with our water source being from fresh, natural river source.  It was born from the desire to have clean food for the family without worrying about toxic chemicals contamination.  We hold a firm belief that consuming quality whole foods will enable us to treat the food as medicine for our bodies thus lowering the probability of us treating medicine as food.

Through the years, our farm has grown from just growing fresh fruits and vegetables to producing organically grown products and fertilizers.  Our focus is on local, non-GMO plants and trees including various therapeutic herbs.  A basic guideline to what is cultivated at the farm is the plant must be either edible, therapeutic or both.

We also grow a variety of banana plants that are indigenous to Malaysia as a form of conserving our banana heritage.  Currently we have 16 varieties planted and are on the lookout for any varieties that we do not have.

From some of our fresh produce, we create products based on:

  1. Retention of maximum nutrients
  2. Offering a variety of ways of consumption
  3. Enhancing shelf life
  4. Ease of storage and transport

Our underlying principle is to provide quality food that is free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and preservatives at a competitive price.  We aim to maximize nature’s bounty and encouraging everyone to go organic and safeguard our health.

Started the farm
A decade ago we began to develop the land, taking care not to destroy the top soil as well as working with the contour of the land with 2 people.

We began to sell fresh produce
Our first foray into selling was with our fresh produce at a weekly Sunday market in Sg. Penchala, Kuala Lumpur.  Our team had grown to 3 people.

Creating organic products
Our first products was the loose leaf Cat’s Whiskers Tea (The Misai Kuching).  Through the years, we now have over 20 products based on what is grown at the farm.

Producing Dehydrated Fruits
We began producing dehydrated fruits using a dehydrator to maximise the nutrient retained and enabling the fruits to be versatile and mobile. To date we have 4 in our range although some are season-dependent.

Introduction of Fermented Enzyme
Going one step beyond the fresh produce with our fruits, we began producing fermented enzyme concentrates.  Our current line includes enzymes from Calamansi, Mangosteen, Papaya, Roselle and Tomato.

Introduction of Enzyme Vinegar
With the goal to increase the ways of consumption, we developed enzyme vinegars from our fruit enzymes.  The vinegars can be used in a multitude of ways including in salad dressings and marinates.