Curry leaves are not a stranger to us.  When we cook curry, it is not considered complete until curry leaves are added to it.  To make fried chicken tastier, try adding a few curry leaves to to the frying oil so the aroma and taste gets infused into the chicken.  But did you know that the young shoots of the curry leaves can be eaten as ulam or added into salads?  You can also infuse edible oil with dehydrated curry leaves and have the aroma in taste in it which you can then use to create other dishes.

So, it that where the story ends?  Of course not!  There is more to the curry leaves.  It is rich in iron and folic acid hence a good choice for those who are anaemic.  It contains a powerful antioxidant, kaempferol, which when combined with vitamin A and C(which are both present in the leaves), protects the liver as well as improves its function, has anti-inflammatory properties which in turns provides many therapeutical benefits to the body.  Curry leaves affects the insulin activity in the body as well as alters the way the body absorbs fat in digestion helping with controlling sugar and fats in your body.  There are many other benefits so it would be a good item to add to your diet within your normal meals.

By dehydrating the leaves, we ensure maximum nutrients retention which makes it easy to store and have readily available as well as making it easy to transport.  We have turned it into a product within our dehydrated herbal range.  It is packed in a resealable pouch making it easy to transport as well as store.  Each pack is RM 15 and available via mail order.

This is definitely one herb that I will increase consumption of as it can be added to your meals in many ways from cooked dishes to raw salad as well as using it as a seasoning.  Another of nature’s bounty.